iPhone remake screenshot part1

In this screenshot image it showcases a BBC series thats currently showing in Italy where it discusses how some of the major characters would be replaced by other actors. Below you have the original caption of what i took.

The original pic

Then with the following image, i decided to add a color scheme to highlight the actors face.

Tanging brings out my eyes.

The Secrets of the Deep

What is about mermaids that make people obsessed, is it because of their half human and part fish, that makes us interested.  I don’t know, but this TV series just had my attention since it came out of the water. It’s different, I finally know now why these siren songs are so addictive, there’s an Illuminati connection. Whatever it is I can’t for season 2 on January 24 when it airs on freeform, the sad part is that I’ll probably be in school again by then. In any case, I have to watch it as a reward for anytime am doing good. Not to mention, Game of Thrones is coming back in January also, I really don’t understand these producers, they seem to forget that most fans are in school. I think it would make more sense to show it when we’re out from the holiday break.v

Strike a Pose: R. (2018). Comedy by director Clueless.


Lights, camera,  action, go the camera man replied, wait cut… he screamed angrily as he’s having a hard with his new camera equipment and the stunt doubles are nowhere to be found, let’s not even talk about the actors who are forgetting their scripts. Aah he sighs frustrated at what’s going on around him on the set of his new movie Strike a Pose, what am I going do with this crew, the deadlines is in 4 hours. And, where the hell are the professionals, I paid good money for this you know, could this day get any worse.


Celebrities Gone While GIF Edition

The moment you realize that all the hatters are paying attention so you make the announcement count



he finally gave me shout out, he love me, he love me…

hey am over bad bunny am over here can you see me!!!

hey am not done yet, so!! you have to go, better believe me when i tell them i said i like it like that…

gotta get these moves right or that’s my career…

times are changing so i better adjust my face or am out…

My first impressions of GIF

My initial thoughts of GIF’s were OMG! Like how on earth am I going to do this if I don’t get one on one attention, because how I learn is a step by step process and where is my little brother to say look dummy this is how it’s done, and in the back of mine it’s literally exploding.

However, what I gather from these GIF’s is that if I don’t try ill never learn, instead ill be the one who goes on living with regrets, and never ask anyone to

Furthermore, i want to be my own vigilante who dances along side my fear who dresses in black or whatever color he decides to wear and mocks me with…

And finally, to be my own vigilante who dances along side my fear will allow me to face challenges that may come my way

Basically its go time and am not afraid of the outcome ,because it’s a learning process that I have to overcome in order to be were I envision myself everyday, and am ready for the challenge so am going to have to





All Hail King Iver

Vikings, is finally here, and it will air at 9pm on the history channel. Were all of Kathegat’s people  shall bathe in Iver’s fierce destruction of blood, and sweet revenge in which he has longed craved for. This comes after the slaying of his mother by the hands of Lagertha his stepmother. Who is the ex widow and wife of the late Ragnar.

No messes with ivar the boneless, he’ll just walk all over you. 

Season 5 Vikings GIF by HISTORY - Find & Share on GIPHY

Final Blog Post For Now

Attention all York College students the semester is over yeah!!!!! I am happy to report that I have secured the bag, I repeat, I have secured the bag.

Related image

Yep, I have survived the apocalypse of two classes which was driving me nuts throughout the entire semester. Finally, I can rest assured that I have done what I set out to do which was to secure those grades. Nail it, anyhow back to my website which I will reveal tomorrow on December 20th 2018, which will be presented in class, with all of my creative progress from the beginning to the end. Indeed I have said previously in the past, that my goal was to attain economic success, and being in this class has allowed me to do just that. 


I can honestly say that ct 101 has been the most beneficial class that will lead me one step closer to achieving all of my eccentric desires; which is to have complete autonomy over my entrepreneurial career.

I don’t know what the future holds for me or what I want to do quite exactly, but one thing that I know for certain, and that is that I am a hustler, a fighter, and an intelligent woman who is not afraid to do things that makes me nervous. The grade I am expecting for this class is a B, I was shooting for that A, but I think if didn’t have those two insane classes I would have knocked it out of the park, like I usually do. What I enjoyed from this class the most was how it forced me out of my comfort zone and into a world where creative expression has no limits. A world in which I am no stranger to, but in some ways ct 101 has awoken the inner child that longs to be where the wild ones play or into the spider universe.


Yes, I will continue to push myself into maintaining this website as I will use it as a portfolio platform of where I started and where success will land me. I plan on taking another CT course that will further challenge me into producing more higher quality GIF anime’s, of course blogging, along with videos, memes, and or any prototype models of whatever project I am to create. For now I will only say see you later and on to the next project. 

I’m Sexy And You Know It Anime GIF

Most people look at me and say am ugly, but I know better and they can’t deny it. Just look at me am glowing, my hair is on point, no teeth and I don’t care.  Ooh,  ooh hit me up on Snap Chat, the gram, twitter, youtube, am everywhere t even CoverGirl can’t deny my highlights are popping yeah. What’s even more obvious is that this is my natural face without makeup ha ha ha..


To all the haters out there, just soak it up and worry about yours bye am out…

3d effect memes

3D effect letter memes are what makes your work stand out, but my man says to put some respect on his name, talk about fierce!! these are just the reasons as to why I’m fascinated. Not to mention, memes are one of those things where one can just express just how they feel within that moment. Learning how to create my first meme is just pure goals, just because for the first time I feel like this is not work, rather it’s a form of creative expression. It allows me to engage and just be, without any limits. they’re also objective and effortless, its kind of like selfies, snap chat or Instagram stories where you’re in control. The same thing applies to the 3D effect letters I used to enhance how fierce he looks.

Witches and Vampires

          A Love Affair for The Ages is the best way to describe the new BBC TV series A Discovery OF Witches 2018. This show encompasses all things that any obsessed fan who suffers from bloodlust and demon fighting. Take it from me when they announced that they were going to cancel shows like the Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Shadow Hunters I was literally crushed. But I was able to bounce back from the sole crushing news when I heard about this show on YouTube, one view of the trailer and I was hooked. I had to find this show and watch it, man, the directors and producers of the show they did not disappoint. The acting in this movie is intense, the chemistry between the actors is just amazing.

The series dives in with Diana who is none other than the most powerful witch of her time. She is also very gullible and unaware of how powerful she is. It comes as no surprise though that she lives a seemingly normal life as a Historian, who refuses to accept her ancestral powers as a witch. What makes her story so interesting is that she comes from a long line of great witches, her ancestors were none other than the Salem Witches from Massachusetts. Interestingly enough, the author of this book Deborah Harkness is also an also a historian herself, which the film is based on the All Souls Trilogy books. The first scene opens up with her destine lover Matthew De Claremont who is a vampire and a Knight and the voice narrator of the show.

and he does not sparkle in the sun like Edward from Twilight.

here’s Diana in the library with the Ashmole 782 book that Matthew and every vampire and demon are looking for.