The Secrets of the Deep

What is about mermaids that make people obsessed, is it because of their half human and part fish, that makes us interested.  I don’t know, but this TV series just had my attention since it came out of the water. It’s different, I finally know now why these siren songs are so addictive, there’s an Illuminati connection. Whatever it is I can’t for season 2 on January 24 when it airs on freeform, the sad part is that I’ll probably be in school again by then. In any case, I have to watch it as a reward for anytime am doing good. Not to mention, Game of Thrones is coming back in January also, I really don’t understand these producers, they seem to forget that most fans are in school. I think it would make more sense to show it when we’re out from the holiday break.v

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