vapor wave 2

At first you don’t succeed but try and try again until your head explodes. I suppose it’s the way to go if you’re going to attempt a vapor wave on your own. No thanks to You tuber’s who actually thing they can upload tutorial SH!T videos, and expect people to follow along when their going extremely fast. Hello where beginners, not experts! you would think they would know this by now. And, then they wonder why they get such bad reviews.

Anyway’s just doing this is fun, and what’s more exciting is how you can create logo’s with this 80’s inspired theme, It’s pretty cool. At this point i can start to envision where this can take me in terms of job leads later on. With more practice i’ll get better at this. Why cry over spilled milk if you don’t get it the first time, is what am telling my inner self whenever i feel like self destructing. I just can’t quit i love this kind of stuff and somewhere in the back of my mind i always knew i would.

All of a sudden flash back memories start to appear like monarch butterflies, of the what if’s and regrets. Talk about dramatic, but i suppose when you know that you can’t see yourself doing nothing else, then SH!T really start to hit the fan, and you have to just keep pushing.


vapor wave 1

In today’s class, we created a vaporwave again and it was amazing but extremely frustrating that I keep forgetting the steps of how to do this stuff. Anyway here’s what you do, first,  we find an image that we want to incorporate into our vaporwave. Next, we open photoshop you hit the select all, followed by windows and select layers, from there we went on to layers and hit flatten the image. Everything was just a blur, and that’s because I wasn’t paying much attention or I keep forgetting the steps. No fear, ill eventually get it, I hope or else I won’t be able to appease my own sanity.



Whats Making Me Unhappy

Its 11.58 right now and for some reason nothing seems to be working right. First lets start with my flash drive that just mysteriously disappeared right in the middle when the semester’s about to end. Then as luck would have it the internet on my laptop decides to die so it time to send an

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or go brain dead.

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Man can things get anyworse, why of course it can, you see there’s plenty of time to edit my non existing 80’s vapor wave post. As the night passes i could feel the stench of defeat logging around, the room, just waiting to pounce.

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Aah, i may have underestimated this semester, the closer i get to the finish line the harder it gets.

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Im going have to Rocky this semester in order to win this fight.

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Favorite GIF musicians Animated GIF Assignments,


So for this assignment i had to create GIF out of a music video from artist that’s my favorite, and i choose Cardi B. Anyways, how you go about making this is quite easy, all you have do is go on YouTube and select your favorite artist and go on Once your on the site you go to the top right hand corner and hit create, from there the site will guide you on how to upload your GIF .The page will ask the start time duration, next it’ll ask if you want to add a tag and so forth.  And, of course i made two i couldn’t help it.

One of the worst feelings when your trying to get some one to dance with you and their dancing with someone else, like am over here.



What is making me happy

Travel Exploration and Film in that tall order are what gets me going; as far back as I can remember these two, have always allowed me to feel at ease. Even as a child, I’ve always love to explore new places and watching my old man off to sail the seas, and return with loads of treasure for me to play with, made it even more exhilarating.  Followed by a film, oh man, what can say, the creative process that goes into making films, documentaries, or even vlogging continues to feed my addiction and the overactive imagination.

take for instance my bodies Sponge Bob and Patrick like just looking at this gives me pure joy.

Followed by these two characters Damon and Jo, who are BFF’s, that are also business partners’ who create content and inspire people to just travel. Here is a peak into there blog that also depicts further into there lives. travel blog | shut up and go:

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Website Under Construction

In today’s class, we learned how to update our website by adding new features such as an about me page, categories, a jetpack word press,  as well as a, contact me section. All and all I feel pretty good in myself because now I have some idea about how to set up my own website when am ready to do this professionally.  For now, am just going to enjoy the ride so to speak, because am starting to realize more and more that am living in the future and not the present.



Gif Portrait Continued

Last week class we left off on creating GIF Portraits, today we did the same, but with more sophistication and depth so to speak. What I love about the whole process is that it allows me to tap into my so call creativity, and push my limits. I find the process very illuminating and fun all at once, and like I said, in the beginning, it gives me sole creative control, which ultimately leads me one step closer to achieving nothing but pure FREEDOM. On top of it I choose Cardi B because she has such an eccentric aura about her that I like and she owns it without regrets. Now that is what I call BOSS #B!TCH . Fearless and bold, not like today’s ZOMBIES who seek approval and follow the herd like sheep’s.

Winter Is Coming!!!

Finally, winter is here and season 3 of The last kingdom looks like its going to dominate all the Viking obsessed fans. The show was recently renewed on Netflix’s cite of this year and all eyes are focused in on the show. This is happening all while Vikings another tv series which is similar in some historical events is also on a break from their last season 5 episode eleven and is set to release this year 2018, which has not yet been released but don’t quote me on that. No worries though, the release date of The last kingdom is on November 19, with 10 episodes this time as opposed to seasons 1 and 2 that only had 8 which was not enough for hungry fans devour. After all this time, of impatiently waiting we’ve had to watch other shows in absence of our addiction, we I’m referring to myself with shows like Medici: Masters of Florence, which is also a time period of British and Italian drama series that surrounds the lives of the Medici dynasty, that made them the Machiavelli’s to dominate and control the wealth of the banks they owned and all things involving money during the 15th century of Florence Italy.  So I can’t wait to see what’s in store, because the directors just left us hanging on the edge of seats really withUhtred still on the fence with which side he’s more loyal to his  birthright or to his second family the Vikings, I guess we’ll just have to watch and see which direction the directors are leading to this time.

Anyways, leave a comment with your feedback on what’s going happen in this coming season 3.