Witches and Vampires

          A Love Affair for The Ages is the best way to describe the new BBC TV series A Discovery OF Witches 2018. This show encompasses all things that any obsessed fan who suffers from bloodlust and demon fighting. Take it from me when they announced that they were going to cancel shows like the Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Shadow Hunters I was literally crushed. But I was able to bounce back from the sole crushing news when I heard about this show on YouTube, one view of the trailer and I was hooked. I had to find this show and watch it, man, the directors and producers of the show they did not disappoint. The acting in this movie is intense, the chemistry between the actors is just amazing.

The series dives in with Diana who is none other than the most powerful witch of her time. She is also very gullible and unaware of how powerful she is. It comes as no surprise though that she lives a seemingly normal life as a Historian, who refuses to accept her ancestral powers as a witch. What makes her story so interesting is that she comes from a long line of great witches, her ancestors were none other than the Salem Witches from Massachusetts. Interestingly enough, the author of this book Deborah Harkness is also an also a historian herself, which the film is based on the All Souls Trilogy books. The first scene opens up with her destine lover Matthew De Claremont who is a vampire and a Knight and the voice narrator of the show.

and he does not sparkle in the sun like Edward from Twilight.

here’s Diana in the library with the Ashmole 782 book that Matthew and every vampire and demon are looking for.