Final Blog Post For Now

Attention all York College students the semester is over yeah!!!!! I am happy to report that I have secured the bag, I repeat, I have secured the bag.

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Yep, I have survived the apocalypse of two classes which was driving me nuts throughout the entire semester. Finally, I can rest assured that I have done what I set out to do which was to secure those grades. Nail it, anyhow back to my website which I will reveal tomorrow on December 20th 2018, which will be presented in class, with all of my creative progress from the beginning to the end. Indeed I have said previously in the past, that my goal was to attain economic success, and being in this class has allowed me to do just that. 


I can honestly say that ct 101 has been the most beneficial class that will lead me one step closer to achieving all of my eccentric desires; which is to have complete autonomy over my entrepreneurial career.

I don’t know what the future holds for me or what I want to do quite exactly, but one thing that I know for certain, and that is that I am a hustler, a fighter, and an intelligent woman who is not afraid to do things that makes me nervous. The grade I am expecting for this class is a B, I was shooting for that A, but I think if didn’t have those two insane classes I would have knocked it out of the park, like I usually do. What I enjoyed from this class the most was how it forced me out of my comfort zone and into a world where creative expression has no limits. A world in which I am no stranger to, but in some ways ct 101 has awoken the inner child that longs to be where the wild ones play or into the spider universe.


Yes, I will continue to push myself into maintaining this website as I will use it as a portfolio platform of where I started and where success will land me. I plan on taking another CT course that will further challenge me into producing more higher quality GIF anime’s, of course blogging, along with videos, memes, and or any prototype models of whatever project I am to create. For now I will only say see you later and on to the next project.