vapor wave 2

At first you don’t succeed but try and try again until your head explodes. I suppose it’s the way to go if you’re going to attempt a vapor wave on your own. No thanks to You tuber’s who actually thing they can upload tutorial SH!T videos, and expect people to follow along when their going extremely fast. Hello where beginners, not experts! you would think they would know this by now. And, then they wonder why they get such bad reviews.

Anyway’s just doing this is fun, and what’s more exciting is how you can create logo’s with this 80’s inspired theme, It’s pretty cool. At this point i can start to envision where this can take me in terms of job leads later on. With more practice i’ll get better at this. Why cry over spilled milk if you don’t get it the first time, is what am telling my inner self whenever i feel like self destructing. I just can’t quit i love this kind of stuff and somewhere in the back of my mind i always knew i would.

All of a sudden flash back memories start to appear like monarch butterflies, of the what if’s and regrets. Talk about dramatic, but i suppose when you know that you can’t see yourself doing nothing else, then SH!T really start to hit the fan, and you have to just keep pushing.


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