What is making me happy

Travel Exploration and Film in that tall order are what gets me going; as far back as I can remember these two, have always allowed me to feel at ease. Even as a child, I’ve always love to explore new places and watching my old man off to sail the seas, and return with loads of treasure for me to play with, made it even more exhilarating.  Followed by a film, oh man, what can say, the creative process that goes into making films, documentaries, or even vlogging continues to feed my addiction and the overactive imagination.

take for instance my bodies Sponge Bob and Patrick like just looking at this gives me pure joy.

Followed by these two characters Damon and Jo, who are BFF’s, that are also business partners’ who create content and inspire people to just travel. Here is a peak into there blog that also depicts further into there lives. travel blog | shut up and go: https://www.shutupandgo.travel

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